Al Does Alaska --- << ..... >>

Well I'm FINALLY doing it - after two years of talkin' i finally got my westfalia van and have headed on the road to Alaska! It's amazing - my first two days on the road and i'm already three days behind schedule. Nothing to blame but my own disorganization, and a house call to my old friend Lisa Atwell (as featured in my 'Trekking in Nepal' photo section). The reason i even care about time altogether is that i have to be in Fairbanks on July 3rd, to pick up another Lisa (Lisa Spence) who will be my travel buddy for a week.

Here's my first illegal overnight parking (one of many) in front of a military boat dock in Mt. Shasta State Park, CA. Mount Shasta is clearly not visible in the background. It was my first night in my fancy van, and i slept like a rock.

Skipping a largely uneventful and relatively unscenic drive up interstate 5, i am now in beautiful British Columbia where i try my first night shot with my fancy-dancy new digital camera. Little did i realize this was to be my LAST night shot, since nights wouldn't be getting dark from hereon in! This was taken north of the town of Smithers.

Hee-hee! My first roadkill. Moose are plentiful here, and i'm glad i paid the extra money for the cast-iron fender option on the van.

Oh, i couldn't resist putting up a pretty lake picture. This was taken on the Cassiar highway, a less-taken but more scenice alternative to the alaska highway. I could sometimes drive for an hour without even passing a car in the opposite direction.

And of course, i can't resist putting in a sexy picture of the van.

Out-the-window shot near fabulous Whitehorse, Yukon.

It's no special effect. A spectacular rain shower in the Yukon.

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