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I manage to get down to Anchorage to meet up with my friend Karen "the Maltese" Falkenberg, who will be my travel buddy for 2 weeks. God bless those unemployed Canadians! She tries to surprise me with a glacier, but i can see it peeking out from behind her back. Heh heh, but seriously folks, we've headed down to the town of Seward on the Kenai Peninsula - the main travel area in Alaska. Seward is the self-proclaimed "Fun capital of Alaska", but we could never figure out why.

We do a pretty grueling hike up a mountain, but the views of the "Exit Glacier" are phenomenal.

But on the way down the mountain, we are confronted by...

"What's he going to do... Nibble our BUMS?"
Look at his cute little fingers!

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