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Once again, here's me thinking i'm being funny as i demonstrate 1st position in kayak. Uh! We're taking a kayak tour of the area - that would be our kayak on the right, and on the left, well i don't even want to know what THOSE guys are doing!

Here we are "peddling", as my mother would say.

Crazy folds in the rocky coast.

Ooooo. An OTTER! (if you're on a slow modem, wait for it)

Here's another otter snoozing near the rocks. It was here that i learned something very interesting... that otter DON'T like to have rocks thrown at them HARD while they're sleeping. I'm learning LOTS here in Alaska.

We killed another couple of days hiking, and then it was time to say goodbye to Karen. Here she demonstrates the proper course of action when confronted by a bear. It is an ancient form of German-Canadian martial arts called "Falken-Fu".

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