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So now i'm back in Anchorage (ew), killing a few days collecting the things i need, and doing more work on the van. I'm preparing to go to the Canadian Northwest Territories, but i'll be taking the scenic route...

Hee Hee! I just had to put this picture in.

I now head back down to the Kenai peninsula, and witness them filming the high-octane sequel to "A river runs through it", directed by Michael Bay and starring Keanu Reeves.

yes, i'm joking.

Here i'm leaving the creepy port town of Whittier on a ferry. The entire population of whittier lives in one apartment building, which you can just barely make out under the american flag. Whittier is a great place to fall down and contract Tetanus. I'm headed to the port town of Valdez (namesake of the Exxon Valdez) where the alaska pipeline ends, and the excitement begins. There was a red buoy on our route which marks where the Exxon Valdez hit rock and started spilling oil.

Yeah, great. Let's just stop the ferry by ANOTHER GLACIER (the Columbia Icefield) I swear to God, if i have to look at another glacier i'm gonna SCREAM.

Finally i'm off that boat in Valdez so i can see what's up this stretch of highway...

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