Al Does The Dempster
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Typical hills of the area which make me think of huge dinosaur skeletons.

In contrast, this pretty stream doesn't make me think of dinosaurs in any way.

I head into a hundred miles of rolling hills of trees, stunted by permafrost.

And of course, the occasional stunning view.

After 5 days of slow meandering, i hit a fancy sign telling me i'm crossing the arctic circle. I do a short, controlled, booty-shakin' jig to celebrate.

And immediately i hit the craziest landscape. Hills covered with the most insane assortment of fluorescent blobs of plants. I swear by the love of Allah, i did not adjust the saturation of this picture! I kept thinking, "it's like i'm standing in a painting". And then i'd talk to other people about how amazing it was and they'd say, "yeah, it's like you're standing in a painting". And i'd be like, "like, yeah, i know, totally". Then there would be a long, uncomfortable silence, and they would politely excuse themselves, and i would say,
"NO!.. Please don't leave... I'm lonely."

keep me company...