Al Does The Dempster
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Now, i know this may sound crazy. i guess it took weeks of not hearing people BLABBING all the time to realize that BREAD TALKS! No, REALLY. I was just sitting at my campsite one day when my loaf of whole wheat Wonder Bread began telling me how people are all out to get me. He said his name was Stephen, but his friends called him Stevie...
Stevie Wonder Bread.

I guess our friendship was just like your typical Disney-ish "A boy and his bread" story.

Here's Stevie sunbathing.
"Hey Stevie... Your freshness is showing!"

Stevie loves to ride with his head out the window of the van.
He likes it so much, sometimes he crumbs all over the seat.

What's that Stevie? You want me to kill whom?
Oh... you just want to drive for a while... Well OKAY!

Stevie gets behind the wheel.
You wouldn't think that bread could drive a car, let alone a VAN.
But WOW, that little leavened loaf can parallel park like a motherf**ker!

al's going crazy