Here's a bunch of stills and animations i've worked on over the past few years. Some are the results of custom programming, especially 'Eat Your Monkey Chow' which was created entirely within my own fractal software package (sorry, not available to the public). The main 3D software i use is Houdini, a high-end package most often used in visual effects work, which is what i do for a living. My main creative interest is to create procedural geometric systems, which basically means i create algorithms which build geometry which i then render to an image. The power of this is approach is MOVEMENT. I find this the most exciting thing about computer graphics - never before in history have humans had the cabability to so freely generate imagery that moves and evolves. Once a system is set up, i can tweak the inputs to my algorithm and see the whole image shift and animate.

blue leaf still silver leaf still shell still jellyfish still
fractal gears anim eat your monkey chow anim jelly sphere anim yellow sprokets anim
jelly feedback anim gearflow anim silver spirowarp silver spirowarp