Postcards from INDIA

the hustle and bustle of paharganj, the tourist hostel strip in new delhi with an elephant walking in the background.  Right from the moment we left the airport we were inundated with tourist rip-off schemes.  We were lucky to even get to our hotel at midnight.  We stayed here for 2 or 3 days while we got our bearings and figured out how to buy a train ticket to somewhere less delhi.

Israeli girls shopping in the many colorful stalls of Delhi's Paharganj district.
I just realized there's an elepant in this shot...

Delhi from our rooftop patio.

a boy prepares his dried goods for sale on the street.

Typical homesteads set up at the side of the road in delhi. If we were in L.A. these'd be going for $300,000 apiece.

The air that breathes like a meal. awful smog just outside delhi.

We head out of the city on a train, which gives us a way to witness the squalor of india without having to participate too much in it.  Trains in my opinion are the best way to travel.  Roads change the landscape they cut through, because they appeal to travellers to stop.  More on the other great disadvantages of road travel later!  Trains offer a much more unadulterated cross-section.  As we travelled we would pass by whole shanty hut and cess-pool fields which in the morning were filled with squatting bare-bummed peasants taking a morning crap.  I would consider this photo to be of a more up-scale shanty area.  A stream like this has probably travelled through many, many miles of shanty town, so i can hardly imagine what condition the "water" is in.

India sounds pretty good so far huh?

Take a train to Rishikesh