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What to do in Kathmandu?

So Ed and I went wandering to some of the poor areas in Kathmandu, down to the riverside shanty-town areas. This river was filthy, since Kathmandu doesn't have sewage treatment, waste flows directly into this river. It's the water that drinks like a meal.

Mother Theresa he's not... Ed looking particularly surly and digusted. For once it wasn't because of ME.

Tired of trying to prey on pigeons, this cow dines on the spoils of the sewer.

Now I'm the one who looks digusted, perhaps from the fact that my leg is covered in SEWAGE! Gee, it sure LOOKED like solid ground when i stepped there... Ed was no help, of course. He just told me i stank and walked away - leaving me easy prey to marauding teenagers ready to bludgeon a tourist for his rupees.

The disgusting thing is, i had to go down and WASH in that river, which was only slightly more dilluted than the shit on my leg. And it's only my first day here!
I can still tell my boots apart by smell.

I couldn't tell if they were selling food or just having a picnic in the streets. Colour is everywhere in Nepal.

A public washing area - although the hotels we stayed in had plumbing, i would imagine a lot of buildings don't.
I think it's kinda nice having to wash with lots of other people...

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