Meet my new toy...

rotating westy
This page's patented 'stop-motion' technology brings my new Volkswagen Westfalia into THE THIRD DIMENSION! If you're looking at this with a slow modem, these pictures animate, so go get a snack and come back in a few minutes - it's worth it! For my 30th birthday, i bought myself this little beauty which will be taking me to Alaska this summer - departure date: July 4/01.
Independence Day.

door and pop top
Is that a pop-top or is my van just happy to see you?.

"Hi, we're the Happy Cabinets!" Here you can see my well-equipped camper is equipped with lots of equipment. In the center is the silent and spacious fridge (runs off 12V battery, AC or propane) and above it is the 2-burner propane stove and next to that is the sink! The camper has a built-in 4-gallon propane tank. To the left you can see the swing-out tray table which makes a good food preparation counter, or a nice little desk/dining tray when you're sitting on the rear bench seats.

Closeup on the burner and sink.
Tell me that's NOT the COOLEST THING you've ever seen...

Max Headroom. Co-worker Rob appears perplexed at how german engineers fit so much headroom into such a small van. A name for my vehicle is becoming apparent:
The Re-Tardis.

And here's what Rob's looking into - the UPSTAIRS BEDROOM! with an easy folding of the mattress/board our extra headroom is converted into a comfy, wide bed. Anybody know where i can get some Star Wars bedsheets?

Bed goes up, bed goes down. Bed goes up, bed goes down. The tray to the right swivels in front of the bench seat. Under the bed is more storage space, and in the back cabinets is MORE STORAGE SPACE! The car engine is under the far cushion.

Dinner for two? As yet another testament to those Krazy Krauts, they've designed swivel driver/passenger seats and a swing-out tray table. The passenger seat can also be turned a full 180 degrees to face the back.

The Dash. You can see they've left nothing out - brakes, turn signal, speed-o-meter, shifter... even a gas pedal. The color makes me think of a new name for my van - "Mr. Hanky"

A sassy view from the bed. Note once again, the amount of headroom.

A disturbing absence of bumper stickers which must be remedied. If anyone knows where i can get bumper stickers, i'm looking for
"Cash, Grass, or Ass... Nobody Rides for Free."